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DAGGERS - Kirpan, Jambia, Khanjar, Ankush, Trishul, Kattar, Burma DAO, CSA Dagger, Quillon's

DD/11   Burma Dao  
6'',9'', 12'' Flat Blade. Horn Handle Leather Sheath with Belt Loop.

DD/5 Gurkha khukhrie 
12'', 16", 24'', 30''. Although the Khukri is useful for jungle, its heavy curved blade also makes it a dreadly fighting weapon.Used as a weapon by the Brave Gurkha warriors in hand to hand combat. It come in a Leather Sheath with a Frog.


8.25 Blade  A  Unique Indian dagger which has and H shaped handle which is gripped in the fist & used at close quarters in a punching action. The two parallel bars form the grip. The metal strips on the side protects the wrist. Has a leather covered wooden sheath. 


BAYONETS Springfield , Enfield, Brownbess & others. 
Bayonets were the survivor of the thrusting spear. 
Most European & North America armes used traingular bladed bayonets with a socket to fit over the nozzle. 
Bayonet Scabbard is made of leather, the bayonet scabbard has a brass hook to hold it in the frog or loop on the soldiers webbing. 

AXE Double Small Hawk, Axe with Chilam 

DD/83 4''- Overall 22'' Red Indian Spike Axe with Pouch.  
Has a Round hole for the handle like that on modern pick axe. 

DD/117 - Viking Axe 900-1000 Century 
Cutting edge made of hardened steel with a Broad Cescent shaped blade with a long handle for holding with 2 hands.

DD/237 - Fleur De lis - Till 1800 AD  

The phrase in French means "Lily Flower". Represents 3 flowers of the white lily the middle one erect & the other ones curving downwards was placed on the shield of England by Edward III besides the 3 lions. Remained in the British Royal Arms till 1800.

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