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DD/193  PIG FACED  BASCINET  13x8x7.5" 14th century CIRCA 

Wt=1.6kg. The pointed skull of this bascinet was quite effective because it presented a glancing surface for both the sword & the lance. The visor is functional, trimmed  in brass,& has the proper ventilation holes.

DD/177  COMB MORION 16x10x13" European 16th century (1580) . 
Worn by the infantry especially archers & musketeers who found an open style of helmet more convenient when taking aim. High comb with a Down Turned brim curving up to a sharply pointed peak. The Morion's wide brim offered good protection from the sword cuts angling in to the side & front of the head while the comb deflected blows to the top of the head. The nobility often had their's richly engraved.
DD/188  LORICA  SEGMENTA 33 x 22 x 17" 

Wt=6.8 kg. Used by the Roman Army in the 1st century AD. Made of Iron Strips which are chrome plated held together by leather straps on the inside & the armours is lanced together at the front & the upper part with Brass Hooks in front for a leather cord.

DD/258 Mail Coif 
wt=2.250gm The mail hood called a  ‘coif’ reaches below the base of the neck. Worn with a helmet it gave a superb protection to the head. Is available in open links & close links. The coat of mail could turn aside the point of anydagger or ward off a spear or sword thrust. 
Aventails are available for helmets.

Fits chest size-36" to 42" from the celts of 300BC to 18th century Europe wt=11.5kg. Intense craftsmanship combines as many as 50,000 links in the “International” pattern-4 links going thru a 5th common. Available in open links & closed links. Closed links-Each ring end flattened & linked by a rivet.

DD/285 SUITS OF ARMOUR 3' and 6' Mid 15th cent. 

Is a full scale reproduction complete with Helmet,Breastplate, Pauldron,Vambrace, Gauntlet, Cuisse, Greaves, Sabaton on a wooden Stand to enhance any den or office. Made of special iron sheet which is Zinc or Nickle plated

DD/172 BURGONET With Falling Buffe 13.5x10x9"

Renaissance Helmet 1580. The fully articulated buffe is secured by a leather strap & has flexible lames which allow it to be lowered for easier breathing & better visibility.



DD/171 - European Closed Helmet  

DD/193 - Pig Faced Bascinet 

DD/194 -   BARBUTA ‘T’

DD/210 -  Viking Helmet  

DD/211, 212 - Maxmillian Deluxe Crab  

DD/225 - Imperial Italic Centurian Red  

DD/231 -  Arthurian Helmet 

DD/232 - Norman Helmet  

DD/247 -  Viking Winged Helmet

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