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Arms  and Armour is our line,  we carry forward our tradition and Enterprise.  

Products : 

    Swords, Khukries, Daggers, Body Armour, Helmets, Greaves, Chain Mail, Bow & Arrow, Bayonets, Shields, Spears, Maces Axes, Machetes, Cartridge Boxes, Tomahawk and other Replicas of Militaria Arms.
    We can also produce designs on demand if given photograph with specifications.
About our Firm : 
    We have been in this business of Arms since 1960, being the pioneers in India for exporting swords. We take pride in our heritage but also believe that with the changing times, we have to cope with the demands of our clients. For almost 40 years we have been including new weapon to our collection with more than 400 models.
Material used : 
    Ours are authentic iron swords. The blades are hand forged, hand tooled, polished, nickle chrome plated. Blades &  scabbards can also be provided in gun metal/antique finish. Suits of Armour are in Zinc/Chrome plated. Stainless steel is is not historically authentic & also results in weaker blade. Nevertheless, these stainless steel & high carbon steel bladees can be made on specific orders. 
Product Care :  
    Products should be oiled or varnished to prevent rust. These products are Decorative Replicas and Wall Hangers. Those who decide to have them sharpened, should ensure that it is done professionally so that the blade is not damaged.
Our Customers : 
    Importers, Wholesalers, Mailorders, Department stores, collectors, performers . These products are cherishable gifts to the recipient and a memorable decoration piece for every art lover.
Terms : Nett FOB 

Payment : By L/C or 50%  advance & balance on completion/despatch of goods. 

Delivery : Orders can be despatched by Courier, Sea or Air as per your instructions. 

    If you share our interest and require any further information reach out to us at :
Contact Person Shiv Khanna / Sunil Khanna 

Khanna Overseas
30 Old Survey Road,  
Dehra Dun - 248001 (U.P.)  
Telephone : 91-135-2749617 
Fascimile  : 91-135- 2745182 
Email: khannaoverseas@yahoo.com

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