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DD/219 - Charle Magne 36" - 800 Century.  

Crowned as the "Emperor of the Romans" by Pope Leo III for writing the christian Empire in eastern Europe. A broadsword with an ornate hilt & pommel. 

DD/220  EL Cid Sword 30'' Blade 14th century 

Wt=1.5kg. Double Edged Battle Sword. Used by the Spanish hero ELCid. Wooden grip wrapped with Leather.

DD/152  32 ¾" -NORMAN Sword 800-1600 AD 

Knighty  cruciform sword featuring a wheel pommel & a straight crossguard. 

DD/154 BATTLE Sword  32.75" Blade till the 13th century. 
The bulk & the weight of the cocked hat pommel brings this sword into a fine balance. Grace down curling  crossguard. Leather covered, spiraled grooved wood grip. 




DD/153 Claymore-Scottish Highlanders  42" 15th to the Early 17th century. 

Double Edged Broadsword with Straight quillons slanting towards the blade. Distinctive style of cross hilt with downs looping quillons that ended in spatulate swellings. Wooden grip wrapped with leather. Round carved Pommel. Brass finish 

DD/153 A - Brass Chrome Plated  

DD/121 A & B  Basket Hilt 33" Scottish 18th&19th century. 

Long single Edge Blade wt=2kg. The basket is expertly formed using a mould from the original to capture the perfect symmerty of the Scottish swordsmith.  The scalloped & decorated  pierced  rectangular plates & side plates of the basket are highlighted  by the dashing red  fabric lines. In the 18th century it had a steel scabbard. In the 19th cent. It had a leather scabbard. 

DD/223 SWEPT HILT  RAPIER  38.5" Blade late 16th & early 17th century.  

Hilt with Knuckle guard braching swirls and curve to form the cage with a straight quillon. Cylindrical pommel with steel wire wrapped on wooden grip bound with twisted iron and brass wire. The polished steel bars circular in cross section and handmade with a polished steel pommel. 

DD/248  Viking  Sword Blade  Length=30" Overall length=36/2" Vikings late 8th century.  

Used  primarily as a slashing weapon. The heavy blade is balanced with the brass crossguard & the 5 lobe brass pommel. Our replica is without the gold to hold down the cost. 

DD/265 Naval Cutlass 26" Blade Circa 1790 

Short Sword with a slightly curved blade especially that formerly used by sailors. 

DD/191 37" Sword Excalibur  king Arthurís Sword.  

Engraved Brass round Pommel with engraved cross guard 

DD/116 Samurai Sword 
DD/121B Scottish 19th Century Broadsword with Brass Basket Leather scabbard 
DD/123 Cavalary Sabre 
DD/126 USM 1832 Artillery Sword 
DD/156 Philipine Kris 
DD/157 Russian Kinjal 
DD/168 Tipu Sultan 
DD/173 Russian 1827 Pioneer Sword 
DD/175 Trooper 
DD/184 French Napoleanic Briquet Short Sword 
DD/185 Connan the Barbarian 
DD/191 Excalibur 
DD/192 Lion Heart 
DD/222 Alphonso Cross Sword 
DD/224 US Field Officer Gun Black Sheath 
DD/236 Confederate Shelby 
DD/264 German Cutlass 
DD/265 Naval Cutlass 
DD/271 European 17th Century fluted Cup Hilt Rapier 
DD/272 Tizoma 
DD/274 Sword of  David 
DD/275 Iron Claymore 
DD/277 Thames Sword 
DD/298 CSA Sword 
DD/301 Chinese Sword 





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